Walk MS – Pittsburgh is Sunday!

I am making an appeal to you!

Once again this Sunday, I will participate in the Walk MS Pittsburgh Event. This will be my 7th year walking in this event. The very first year I walked the 10 mile route! Now, hoping it remains cool enough I will complete the 1 mile route. A slight difference since I’ve started!

I actually consider myself blessed because my MS disease progression started rather fast but has now stabilized over the past several years. I dream of a day when I can walk without having to take a nap afterwards, or ride a bike with my daughters, or kick the soccer ball around in the yard without looking like ‘the veteran soccer actor’ that just got fowled!

Of everything I do for the National MS Society, I consider this the most important. The money donated goes directly to local individuals in our community that need assistance in one way or another. It helped my friend Tom get accessible transportation to drive him to and from his part time job. It helped my friend Carrie install an accessible shower so she wouldn’t fall getting in and out of her tub. It has helped my friend Maria with and accessible 1st floor bathroom modification to  allow wheelchair access. It has even helped my friend Nate with a window air conditioner to allow him to stay cool in the summer! These individuals in no way signed up for Multiple Sclerosis. All were contributing members in our communities, and they still contribute, just in other ways.

They always say put a face to it…well for the last 9 years, I’ve lived with that face. As everyday passes, my face becomes more familiar to those in the MS Community as I push, scratch, claw, and rage against my MS! I am asking you as a face with MS to help out the MS Community and those individuals in need…

You see, I too did not sign up for MS. Yet at some point in my lifetime, I may become that person in need and just like the individuals above, I will have to much pride to ask for your help. So today, I put my face in front of you as a face of an individual with MS asking for your help and your donation because no one knows what tomorrow brings living with a chronicly unpredictabile, progressively diabiliting disease that has no cure.

I thank you for your time and please go to my Walk MS Page and consider donating!

We can use your donation!

The Ride – Phil Keoghan

I was flipping through the television last evening and on Showtime I came across a documentary The Ride – a documentary about Phil’s epic bike ride across America benefiting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It was crazy to see a brief clip showing Phil’s stop in Pittsburgh, Sarah Marince, and a brief background cameo by the Platt Family! Woot Woot…

I can’t even ride a bike anymore (balance issues) and for him to ride across America. Crazy!

Check out Phil’s site here!

Still working

I’m burning the candle as much as I can to see how this entire wordpress hicky-ma-bob works. Seems pretty straight…crooked. But it suits me since I’m tilted on my axis as well. Provide feedback if you desire…


Sporting a half beard is how we roll…