Living fully with Multiple Sclerosis.

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I am running the TCS NYC Marathon on Nov. 1, 2015. I am running for other individuals with Multiple Sclerosis who cannot.


No Balloons, Just Ice Cream

Why these words have become such a powerful mantra for me...
-Why NOT

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52in52 is Complete

My 2014 personal journey with Multiple Sclerosis to walk 26.2miles per week for 52weeks. (1,362.4miles)
52Marathons in 52Weeks.

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From a Cane/Handicapped Placard to a 1,667mile journey to the TCS-NYC Marathon…

Today when I woke, it took about 20minutes for my legs to reaquaint themselves with my brain. I went into the bathroom looked in the mirror and my left eye was shaking from nystagmus once again. The reflection I see is one of a broken body grasping to not lose function. I took a hot shower, cold ones just don’t make me feel clean, the numbness in my legs increased, my fingers started to tremble, and my vision blurred all because of the heat increasing my body’s core temperature.

This is how my day starts living with multiple sclerosis (MS) for 10+years.

Then, I’ll drive my daughters to school, have my espresso macchiato, and pick one or two things to accomplish. These one or two things are typically centered around making a difference in my health and/or the MS Community. It may be attending a doctor appointment. I had 29 of them last year, a good year. It may be attending rehab, or going to the fitness center, or walking/running outside. I must continue to do these things because Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive, disabling disease with no cure that continues to rob me of ability.

MS has surely taken; I live with 12 symptoms that you may or may not see depending on the type of day I’m having. With these 12 symptoms, I used a cane and handicapped placard for 7 years. Yet last year I walked and ran 1,667miles.

It has become about doing. Not just doing yesterday, today, now, … but doing relentlessly. You see I’m afraid, I’m afraid that if I don’t do something, my daughters will never know the true character of their father. I want to be sure I show them we/they have the ability and the voice to make a positive impact.

By running the TCS-NYC Marathon I will show my daughters what can be accomplished with heart and mind. By running, I will share stories of others living with MS, who have lost their ‘voice’. By running, I shed light on this diabiliting disease and provide hope that someday we hear these 3 words “We Are Cured.”

As I wake tomorrow, I will wake with my MS. Not with a cane nor with 1,667 miles, but with 2 feet that will create ripples as they prepare to RUN NYC. Ripples coupled together can create a tidal wave of hope for ONE community, OUR MS COMMUNITY.

Thank you for your anticipated donation.